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This is all the random thoughts, art, cuteness, politics, warped humor, and philosophy that I find interesting and appealing. I've been judged by most but never understood 100% which is fine with me. I prefer to remain an enigma my entire life. I am an anti-religion,pro-choice, anti-war, pro-gay rights liberal. If what I reblog or post offends anyone...I promise to try harder in the future!

True, the circumstances may be different but it is still brutality against those less powerful none the less. To say that one group’s struggle is not as “important” or “meaningful” as another’s or belittle one uprising compared to another is just irresponsible. This is why they continue to do these horrific things to various groups over the years. They realize what we have not come to understand…And that is if we don’t join together and see all our various struggles as ONE common struggle, we will never get the justice we seek. By separating ourselves we play right into their hands:(

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    it’s not the same thing. yes we are in a police state and it always has been a police state but to parallel Black...
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